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"Here is classical music that breaks new ground. The Bible has always inspired great artistic expression, but this fresh, contemporary libretto and score carry that inspiration to a new generation. Derek Wensley and David Perkins are to be applauded for this work."

- Luke Walton (Arts Development Officer, Bible Society)

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David is a composer of choral and theatre music. He has written four choral works: Mass, Elegy, Song of Psalms & Re:Creation - his longest and most ambitious work to date. He has had several musicals published including Shake, Ripple & Roll, The Selfish Giant and The Happy Prince. These and other shows are regularly performed in the UK and throughout the world by amateur and professional groups alike.

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Derek has compiled and produced seven word and music anthologies, variously presented on BBC TV and to audiences across South and East England over four decades. He directed the 1972 70-event London Festival That's the Spirit and the 120-event Guildford Christian Arts Festival  in 1973. Inspired by great Christian choral works, Re:Creation ‘s Biblical libretto explores the theme of  Creation and its eventual restoration.

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