reviews of Re:Creation
Review by Kenneth Carter (22 June 2007)
The Church Times
Review by Roderic Dunnett (10 August 2007)

Christian Today
Review by William Dove (23 April 2009)

Review by Peter Reed (24 April 2009)

Council for World's Mission magazine, Inside Out
Feature review by Kenwyn Pierce (September 2009)

"Here is classical music that breaks new ground. The Bible has always inspired great artistic expression, but this fresh, contemporary libretto and score carry that inspiration to a new generation. Derek Wensley and David Perkins are to be applauded for this work."
Luke Walton, Arts Development Officer, Bible Society

"This is a monumental work- conducting it explored fresh music and fresh expressions of the Word of God, so beautifully written. Re:Creation brings wonderful music that is memorable, is lovely to sing, is so satisfying and expresses the Bible wonderfully with great variety in it as well."
Noel Tredinnick, Director of Music, All Souls Church, Langham Place, London

"An oratorio is a special kind of drama inviting us into a powerful story through poetry and music. Re:Creation invites us into the world's supreme story of the love of God embodied in Jesus Christ."
Roberta Rominger, General Secretary of the United Reformed Church

"Perkins' music offers some wonderful challenges with its driving rhythmic impetus and lively syncopation: however, there is a space within the music for both musicians and audience to take in the enormity of this truly transcendent piece. Wensley's reworking of the texts allows the singer to immerse themselves in the magnitude of this wonderful story and the marriage of libretto and music is simply magnificent. Re:Creation truly is music in excelsis ."
Edward Allen, Musical Director, Christ Church Singers & Sinfonietta, Chelmsford

"There is clearly a hunger for music that is a lively 're-creation' of past harmonies - a peal of beautiful, ear-ingratiating sound that eschews an idiom of dissonance and unfamiliar intervals, yet has a contemporary ring....The music is certainly individual and often imaginative."
Kenneth Carter, Classical Source

"Perkins' always attractive and frequently colourful score is good to sing (with) moments of flair and imagination. There were plenty of places where the idiom worked well, not least a lively almost Walton-like scherzo in the tense part 3 ('God's Creativity Resisted'); in the writing midway for a chastened choir; and in the imaginative, at times desolate, writing for the 'Voice of God'. The real quality of this new oratorio lies in the text by Derek Wensley. Plenty of such texts are too obvious. Mr. Wensley's biblical selection traces fresh paths.
Roderick Dunnett, Church Times 

Comments from members of the audience attending the première performance:


"Pure brilliance and genius! What a privilege to have been a part of this masterpiece."

"It stirred my heart. There were tingles down my spine."

"Truly magnificent and a joy to hear."

"Very interesting work: had sufficient musical innovation but was still accessible. Words from scripture were a joy."

"Very powerful and impressive work. A wonderful experience; a majestic and powerful presentation."

"Excellent in every way. A real joy to be here."