about Re:Creation
The inspiration for Re:Creation comes from the great oratorio tradition which has delighted and inspired singers, players and audiences over the centuries.
Re:Creation is a new work designed to bring to the 21st Century these same responses. Using contemporary language and music it follows the biblical story of creation across the breadth of human history from the opening verses of Genesis to the conclusion of the Revelation of St. John.
Re:Creation uses only the biblical text to tell the story. The availability of modern Bible translations provides an opportunity to present the great themes in language and style accessible to the contemporary listener. Like so many other sacred works, the centrality of the person of Jesus and His ministry are irresistible. However, Re:Creation seeks to use the biblical reflections on the person and work of Jesus to probe the significance of these events in the Divine scheme as they affect the whole of creation.
In the days of the great classical oratorio composers almost everyone was a creationist. Modern perception about the origins of life (and its ultimate demise) vary widely. However, the biblical treatment of these themes remains constant, whatever the insights of scientific research or evolutionary theories may bring. The Bible is not a scientific document although its teachings have inspired some of the finest brains and richest souls of humanity. It is with the desire to inspire and inform audiences who have listened to other resonances on the origins and destiny of life, that Re:Creation renders the biblical text in an accessible language and inspiring music.